Latest Products Latest Products Fri, 07 Oct 2022 11:59:32 +0530 en-us Laboratory Water Bath Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Laboratory Oven Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Incubator Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Sanitization Tunnel Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Sanitizing Tunnel is designed to disinfecting personnel by passing through disinfectant passageways, which sprays disinfectant and sanitizer to kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds&spores.   Sanitizing Tunnel Usages Sanitizing Booth is a tailor-made product which can differ in shapes & dimensions depending on site measurement & space constrains. This can be widely used at entry/exit of public places as follows  Hospitals entry & exits, specially at ICU Entry & exit doors for Medical staff safety  Communities main doors  Airports & railway stations  Factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, construction sites  Institute & Schools Main doors  Banks & hotels   We specialize in customized designed equipment.   Sanitizing Tunnel Working Principle A self-preventive modular chamberwith human sensors designed to deliver disinfectant on every individual passing through it The Sanitizer Tunnel works through a central disinfectant mist generation and distribution arrangement located above the internal chamber & on the side walls which ensures that the operator is fully sterilized before entering any premises The system is supplied with sanitizing nozzles to drop suitable size curative particulates which are placed such that mist spray will be possible on and all around the person passing through it The system will operate for a duration as per the person entry & exit inside the unit. During the operation the operator is expected to gently rotate in the central space with his/her elbows raised and away from his body to get best results of system During this misting cycle, the operator twists his/her body and moves his/her arms up and down to reduce any folds in the clothes and to help ensure uniform coverage. After a person exit the system, the sanitizing cycle automatically shuts off. These are both-way rooms. In Sanitizing shower, highly pressurized disinfectant is spread on suit of person to drain the contamination. This prevents passing out of hazardous viruses from being circulating in different areas while person movement process. Sanitizer Tunnel provides gentle wetting of all exposed surfaces of the operator's garment, digesting hazardous particulate. Disinfectant Consumption is 0.5 liter per minute misting cycle.   Standard Features Spray Nozzle for fine mist disinfectant spraying during operation having semi hollow cone spray pattern with droplets size 40-70 microns with spray angle of 60° dense pattern/90° non dense pattern at around 5-7 bar pressure Single wall Construction with covering piping Automatic on/off operated with personal movement sensors Self -Priming Monoset Pump for providing jet flow of disinfectant to take care of flow requirement Openable & Lid covered plastic tank with 30 ltrs. capacity for disinfectant storage Chemical sanitizer liquid to be arranged by the buyer as per Government Norms. In deluxe model - Solenoid valve for disinfectant liquid controlling during cycle. Flexible sheet covering on sides & top for better luminance inside the unit Drain in water tank for tank cleaning Low & High Level Indication for disinfectant Storage inside tank Specifications subject to change without prior notice as the per government norms   Site Requirements The unit will be providedwith 5 mtr. Long cable. Any cabling required between unit to the electrical control panelwill be in Client's scope Concealing of electrical cabling (if any required) is in Client's scope. Client to provide the location of the control panel on the service panel nearwater tank Utility Connection and Electrical power supply will bein client's scope Cleaning Utility, Waste material disposable will be in client's scope LED light for providing 400 LUX   Models Documentation Operational & maintenance manual @ extra if required Design Qualification Installation Qualification Operational Qualification As Built Drawing & Electrical Wiring Drawing   Options and Accessories available at an extra cost Temperature measurement of infrared ray & audio/visual alarmwith following functions Key data such as Register attendance & travel record Statistical analysis chart of body temperature & personnel Facerecognition & Id check Records consultation of personnel passing Records consultation of personnel passing Abnormal historic data tracking Real timewarning of people gathering High temperature alarmthermometry record Stranger Alert   Standard Models A) Model HMG ST Deluxe: Sanitizing Tunnelwith SS 304 frames, SS 304 single skin sheet for ceiling. It is provided with a raised SS 304 perforated floor with drain outlet. There will be 4mm thick Acrylic sheets on both side walls for covering and SS Nozzles. Std. Size : 2400mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 2400mm (H) B) Model HMG ST Medium: Sanitizing Tunnel with PPGI panels of 50mm thickness for the top and both side walls and plastic nozzles. Std. Size : 1800 mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 2100mm(H) C) Model HMG ST Eco Series: Sanitizing Tunnel with powder coated MS pipes, flexible sheet for covering the top and both side walls and plastic nozzles. Std. Size : 1200 x 1000 x 2100 mm(H)   Standard Supplies: A 20 ~ 30 litres PVC tank, connecting hoses and cables, misting nozzles, auto sensor for man entry/ exit and a 1/2 HP pump. Laboratory Drying Oven Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 From enabling simple drying procedures to the most complex heating applications, ovens are an invaluable component of forensic, research and clinical laboratories. To help you discover the best, HMG India- the one-stop destination for lab solutions features state-of-art laboratory oven ideal for baking, die-bond curing, annealing, sterilizing, drying and many more industrial lab applications. Available in different specifications, the oven can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers.   Being the premier manufacturer of lab equipments, we take immense pride in our versatile range of ovens that are durable, cost-effective and most importantly easy to maintain. The outer body of our lab ovens are crafted using the finest grade of stainless steel (SS) combined with a dual powder coated finish for seamless functional support in every application. The device also holds SI in its inner chamber along with provision for perforated trays for consistent performance according to the industrial laboratory environment standards.   What are the specifications? Outer body of Stainless Steel (304 Gr) Inner Prime SS 316 Grade Metallic Double-Walled Door for Maximum Insulation & Durability   How is the design? The laboratory oven comes in a double-walled design for achieving greater uniformity and rapid recovery The exteriors are made up of stainless steel that are easy to clean and have a high resistance against corrosion The metallic DW insulated doors are fitted to the oven using standard set of hardware. The oven has provision for incorporating adjustable mesh or perforated trays   What are the optimal features? Motorized air-blower ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber, facilitating in dehydration and evaporation Microprocessor based temperature controller that offers stability and ease of accurately maintaining the settings within temperature range of +/- 5°C to 60°C Adequately insulated outer and inner gap using high-density thermal insulation. Durable SS tubular heater fixed at the bottom to provide equal amount of heat across the chamber Efficient heating elements engineered to function in low wattage density allowing the oven to work on black heat. Memmeret and Precision laboratory oven also available that include heaters from all the sides   What are the optional accessories? Proportional Integrative Derivative (P.I.D) Controller with Printer Interface P.I.D Controller with PC Interface Safety Blind Controller Protocol Documents Bacteriological Incubator Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Incubator is an important laboratory device that offers a contaminant-free, controlled and safe environment for cell and microbiological cultures. It works by regulating humidity, oxygen (O2) & carbon dioxide (CO2 ) percentage and temperature to create optimal condition for storage and growth of different bacterial cultures. We, here at HMG India, specialize in standard and customized Bacteriological Incubator, so as to meet the unique demands of professionals for specialized and individual researched application in engineering labs, clinical lab, QC, food processing, pharmaceutical lab, chemical lab and microbiological determination.   Our superior quality double-walled incubators effectively maintain temperature consistency and integrity of sample, ensuring accurate results every time! The incubators are equipped with innovative features including advanced sensors, modern convection technology, automatic temperature alarm and robust decontamination systems. Protection against over-temperature is ensured via safety thermostat, while the digital keypad can be used to calibrate temperature controller with reference to thermometer. For better use and constant support, the bacteriological incubators have 4 load bearing positions.   What are the specifications? STD Model Inner Chamber has Stainless Steel (SS 304) STD Model Outer Section is coated with GI Powder GMP Model Inner Chamber has Stainless Steel (SS 316) GMP Model Outer Section comes with Matt Finish SS 304 Gr   How is the standard design? The exteriors are constructed from SS and/ or have Prime GI powder coated finish The interiors are constructed from SS (SS 304 or SS 316) grade. The outer double metallic door is 100% insulated and fitted to the model using standard set of hardware Additional provision is also present for adjustable mesh and perforated trays.   What are the optimal features? Microprocessor enabled with auto tune PID temperature controller for process value and set value to control temperature precisely. Motorized air blower that blows the air from different sides to the working chamber. High Quality SS Tubular mounted either on the backside or the sidewalls of the inner chamber for uniform heating. Load flexibility ensured thanks to the built-in four castor wells, for equal distribution of weight. Temperature range is 5oC for ambient to 60oC, with accuracy of +/- 0.5oC or better   What are the optional accessories? P.I.D Controller with PC & Printer Interface Safety Blind Controller Documenting options Vacuum Oven Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Comfortable, energy-efficient and reliable- that is how the vacuum ovens manufactured by HMG India work! This laboratory equipment is designed to remove gas, moisture and volatile chemicals by drying delicate products consistently in a vacuum-sealed chamber. The chamber decreases pressure, as a result of which the boiling point of the product gets reduced, ensuring evaporation of unwanted substances from samples without burning them. Vacuum ovens are widely used across research labs for several applications such as reducing chemical reactions, atmospheric conditions, drying glassware and more.   A vacuum oven consists of two ports: a vacuum port (IP) and an inert gas (IG) port. The IP holds a needle valve connected to vacuum pump, while IG's valve is connected to a gas cylinder. A P.I.D. control based microprocessor is installed in the oven to calibrate the temperature within the inner vacuum sealed chamber. These devices are capable of drying samples six times faster than conventional units, making them an excellent tool in industries associated with electronics, medical equipment manufacturing, cosmetics, aerospace and organic chemistry.   Manufacture and Design of Vacuum Oven What are the specifications? Outer MS Powder Coated Finish or Stainless Steel (SS) Chamber Inner Heavy Gauge SS Steel Argon Welded & Mirror Polished Body High vacuum levels from 0 to 30/ 0 to 760mm Hg   How is the standard design? The outer wall is coated with MS powder or S. Steel chamber for exceptional vacuum and temperature performance. The inner wall contains S. Steel argon assuring low leakage rate and high reliability. The working chamber is surrounded by glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss. The door has a silicone molded gasket with toughened glass, offering incredible seal and optimal safety.   What are the optimal features? Microprocessor PID controller used for controlling the temperature within the vacuum-sealed chamber. High-quality, easy to clean and rust-resistant Stainless Steel for both exterior and interior housing 3 Heat switch option for intuitive and user-friendly operation of the vacuum oven In-built hydraulic thermostat preventing the temperature from exceeding the minimum value Side-mounted control panel, all controls are positioned in a single location for convenient operation. Temperature range upto 250°C/ 130°C, ambient + 50°C   What are the optional accessories? Documentation and programming using interfaces RS 232 with PC interface Temperature chart recorder BOD Incubator Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) incubators are popular low temperature incubators suitable for growing yeast and mold. They are designed to maintain a minimum temperature of 200C, which is essential for BOD determination. BOD tests are used to determine relative oxygen (O2) requirement of microorganisms in effluents, polluted water and wastewaters. HMG India's potent BOD incubator offers controlled conditions for storage of vaccines, sensitive cell cultures, seed germination, serum incubation and culture of bacteria.   In recent times, strict enforcement of environmental measures by regulatory agencies has forced several agencies to test and treat the wastewater, and this can be simplified with our exceptional range of BOD incubators. Apart from wastewater management, industries such as research laboratories, pharmaceuticals, beverages and agriculture can also benefit from the use of BOD incubator.   What are the specifications? Inner Stainless Steel (SS) Chamber Outer CRCA/ GI Epoxy Coat Finish 3inch Thick Glass Wool Insulation   How is the standard design? The outer core is made from CRCA / GI and coated with EPOXY powder for seamless finish The inner chamber is made from 100% highest grade S. Steel The doors of the inner chamber are created from tempered glass to reduce contamination and eliminate crevices High grade PUF insulation in situ form to achieve stable temperature   What are the features? Full-view plexi-glass inner door to inspect and monitor the specimens present in the inner chamber without disturbing process temperature. Forced air circulation (FAC) by coaxial blower, that maintains preferable temperature, homogeneity and uniformity Microcontroller cum indicator with PID based system for accurate calibration of temperature to required settings. Illumination lamp equipped in the chamber for better visibility Portability of BOD incubator made easy, thanks to the mounted castor wheel High Pressure in-place insulation between the inner chamber and the outer wall for minimal loss of heat. Temperature range of 60°C and the ambient temp is +50°C ISI marked hermetically sealed compressor coupled with motor, fan blade and electrical accessories for rapid cooling. Finned SS Tubular heaters that facilities in uniform distribution of heat around the inner chamber.   What are the optional accessories? Stainless Steel (SS) removable trays Safety Thermostat Strip Chart Recorder Chamber illumination powered by U.V. or white florescent lights 0 to 24 hours cyclic time for regulating illumination in chamber Orbital Shaker Incubator Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 HMG India's incubator portfolio provides an amazing range of incubators with years of expertise and innovation for optimal growth of cells by regulating the in vivo conditions and decreasing experimental variability. Orbital shaker incubator is a standard laboratory equipment preferred for research involving incubations, homogenizations, fermentations, biochemical and chemical reactions like cultivating the bacteria cultures along with tissue and enzyme studies.   Our orbital shaker incubators specialize in gentle mixing & vigorous shaking, while maintaining a consistent temperature of upto 700C. Enabled with direct-drive mechanism, the incubator supports platform motion for stable and reliable operation. All the units offered by HMG India utilize state-of-art microprocessor and deliver RS 232 interface for monitoring and controlling the operations of orbital shaker incubator via PC.   What are the specifications? S. Steel Platform to Hold 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml Conical Flasks Horizontal Orbital Motion in Variable Speed of 50 to 250/400 RPM Pressure Switch with Mechanical Timber   How is the standard design? The outer wall is made from mild steel sheet and is powder coated for matt finish. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel (SS) which has strong resistance against corrosion. The shaking motion is orbital rotations per minute (RPM) and comes with multiple speed controls upto 400 RPM The chamber holds a spring loaded stainless steel lotus clamp for holding conical flasks for varied sizes.   What are the optimal features? Available in different designs to meet the challenging functional requirements of research laboratories. Micro-controller based temperature control system backed by PID sensor for effective regulation. Optimal distribution of heat throughout the interiors of the chamber by fan circulation Exact and fast temperature settings for accurate reproducibility values, such as incubation time, shaking frequency and temperature. In-built cooling coil facilities application below the ambient temperature of orbital shaker incubator Robust and silent shaking mechanism, that begins with a gentle start-up to ensure the composition and integrity of samples is not affected. Fluorescent light present in the inner chamber offers daylight stimulation Frame is capable of accommodating 2 shaking trays at one time.   What are the optional accessories? Illumination in the chamber powered by U.V. or tube light Electronic timer Cyclic timer in 0 to 24 hours cycle for stimulating illumination Orbital shaker with Humidity Chamber Vertical Laboratory Autoclave Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Laboratory autoclaves also known as steam sterilizers are meant for sterilizing samples at a high temperature range of 1000C to 1350C with the use of steam. Our professionally manufactured laboratory autoclave equipments are suitable for medical, life science and animal research applications. Select from standard vertical stainless steel (SS) construction to different sizes (horizontal autoclave available on request), programmable control options and many more only at HMG India.   Our autoclaves are designed to make lab sterilization easier, accurate, safe, validatable and reproducible. A laboratory autoclave- vertical can be used even in the most demanding process of sterilization such as sterilization of solids (glassware, instruments & pipettes), liquids (culture media and nutrients) and waste (sterilization of liquids in bottles, or wastes in a destruction bag).   What are the specifications? Complete S. Steel Body with Thick Gauge Dully Argon Welded Inner Chamber Mirror Finished Outer Body Thick Lid Coupled with Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Additional Safety Valve Single Piece Molded Silicone Gasket Fitted to the Door   How is the standard design? Stainless Steel body with a flexible quick-open door. Based on advanced microprocessor digital temperature control system along with a built-in timer for accurate regulation. Temperature range of 1000C to 1350C and pressure range of 15 PSI to 22 PSI 100% Automatic operation for exhausting air, sterilization, increasing temperature, drying and water feeding. Innovative pre-heating control along with 2 stainless steel baskets for sterilization Heating elements are made from superior DSD wire to support refractory operation. Alarm for indicating completion of the process and low water level in the autoclave Over-pressure and over-temperature protection ensured by pressure gauge and safety valve Complies with the highest international standards and directives for reliable and accurate results   What are the optional accessories? Foot Pedal Lifting Arrangement Water Level Indicator Data Logger with PC Interface Pressure Control Safety Switch Stability Chamber Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Stability chambers are crucial for testing shelf-life, storage, stability and packaging of drug and associated products according to HCI guidelines. When testing clinical, R&D trails or ongoing stability, our advanced range of stability chambers offer a conditioned and stable humidity/temperature environment for hassle-free operation, powered by a control system that saves time and is easy to use. Major applications of stability chamber include accelerated shelf-life studies, testing stability for drug & pharmaceutical industries, electrical industries (to test electronic components as per IS, IES, JSS & MIL standards) defense and aerospace industries.   From walk-in to reach-in, our laboratory equipment features an excellent temperature range of 10°C to 60°C. along with a humidity range of 35% to 65% RH. The stability chamber intakes air, after which the chamber is heated and uniform distribution occurs throughout for securing samples that are placed on the shelves. The exhaust air gets vented outside via a port, making the entire process as simple as it can be.s   What are the specifications? Inner S. Steel Heavy Gauge Chamber & Outer CRCA Powder Coated Finish Double-Walled PUF (Poly Urethene) 3inch Thick Foam Insulation STD Full View Inner Glass Door   How is the standard design? The outer body is made up of Cold Rolled Close Annealed (CRCA) sheet pre-treated with a powder coated finish. The inner stability chamber is made from heavy gauge SS, and the gap present between wall is filled with premium grade mineral glass wool. The door is fixed with a viewing window (STD) crafted from plexi-glass to monitor the sample without disturbing chamber's temperature.   What are the optimal features? Robust microprocessor based PID controllers with process value (PV) and set value (SV), along with HMI controller (found in advanced models) which support touch screen, data logging and transfer data directly to PC or provide a printout. Effective temperature range from 100C to 600C, with humidity range of 35% to 95% RH, as per ICH guidelines, the chambers are suitable for storage of 250C at 40%, 300C at 65%, 400C at 75% and 250C at 60%. Highly efficient refrigeration system backed by CFC free compressor which is sealed hermetically sealed for silent operation. Tubular SS heaters are equipped for regulating desirable temperature within the chamber Castor wells are fixed for even distribution of weight and movability Inbuilt temperature control system with video and audio alarm for deviation coupled with a wet heater and dry heater safety device.   What are the optional accessories? Validation Port IQ, OQ and OQ Documents Illumination by Fluorescent or U.V Light Laboratory Deep Freezer Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 HMG India is a manufacturing company that produces all types of laboratory equipment and electrical appliances needed for laboratory works. The experienced professionals of this company create the most unique design for each of these products. Many chemical and biological ingredients need to be stored in the laboratories, which can be damaged in room temperature. Moreover, the laboratories of food industry need to store all their delicate food products in chilling temperature.   Thus, HMG India has manufactured high-quality deep freezer, which is a useful appliance for storing perishable materials safely at very low temperatures. The outer body and inner mechanism of this appliance are manufactured with the help of latest technology. The inner design of this unit is similar to a chest and the freezer door is internally made of acrylic fibers, to retain the interior coolness of the freezer. It should be placed in an air-conditioned room and the use of an Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is recommended for better longevity of this appliance.   Specific characteristics found in an HMG deep freezer Inner walls made of stainless steel while the outer wall coated with a layer of galvanized steel. This freezer unit is available in both horizontal and vertical alignments. Freezer door is internally protected with acrylic coating, for preventing the loss of coolness from freeze interior. The interior temperature of freezer unit normally ranges between -200 and -350 degrees C. However, the temperature can be low up to -700 degrees C if needed. Cascade Refrigeration System is used in this ultra low freezer, due to the use of a special low-temperature refrigerant, apart from the normal refrigerant. Interior temperature can be controlled by a thermostat and a micro digital temperature controller cum indicator. Provided with a chart recorder of the %age of Relative Humidity for the Dry and Wet Bulb inside the freezer. Rotary Shaker Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Different types of chemicals, solvents, scientifically prepared cultures, and other ingredients need to be mixed well for laboratory experiments. Various designs of shakers are now utilized for thorough mixing of these solutions in science labs. HMG India is well known as the manufacturer and dealer of all types of essential laboratory equipment, including the shakers of the best quality. Many chemical labs are benefitted from the products supplied by this company.   HMG carefully designs its Rotary Shaker with all the unique features that are helpful for scientists using these tools. Scientists insert this shaker into test tubes and centrifuge tubes, for stirring the liquids inside these apparatuses. However, this shaker can also be applied for shaking solutions in larger vessels used in laboratories. So this shaker is available in many sizes for shaking specific quantities of liquids.   Structural and technical features of HMG Rotary Shaker HMG Shaker is designed with the latest scientific methods so that it can be used for mixing all kinds of cultures and chemicals. This shaker unit is also used for diffusion and Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test in medical labs This shaker is provided with a heavy base that is created with a compact design so that this equipment can be used continuously for many tests in a laboratory. This heavy platform is made of stainless steel, which can be removed or interchanged at any time with another shaker unit. This platform is held to the main device with a lotus-shaped clamp that can be easily opened or fixed whenever required. It can hold conical flasks, test tubes, and other vessels of different sizes. The horizontal top of this platform can house several trays and racks. The raw ingredients can be kept in these racks while the mixed solutions are placed in these trays, waiting for the results of their chemical reactions. The shaking speed can be controlled with a digital regulator, which is attached to the speed meter of this electrical device. This RPM indicator runs at a definite speed that can be set along with a timer. The electric motor running this shaker unit operates in 230 Volt power and uses AC current from the main electrical meter. The rotor of this motor runs 50 times per second, which means the voltage changes from positive to negative and vice versa 50 times every second.   The sizes of platforms and a few other specifications may be changed for upgrading the device if needed. Blood Bank Refrigerator Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 HMG India is a reliable name in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of devices needed in medical laboratories. The blood bank is a vital place where numerous files of blood components need to be stored safely for future use. HMG has specialized in supplying the best storage equipment that can keep the blood in good condition, till needed for treatments of patients. Red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), plasma, platelets, and some related reagents need to be stored in blood banks.   So HMG has introduced a uniquely designed blood bank refrigerator for storing all blood components safely. This refrigerator unit has many special features that are not available in ordinary refrigerators used for domestic purpose. As its main function is to preserve all the blood components for treating critical patients, the hygienic condition of its interior is strictly maintained.   Technical specifications of HMG Blood Bank Refrigerator The entire interior cavity of this refrigerator is made of high quality stainless steel so that the smooth surfaces of these steel walls can be cleaned easily The compressor of this refrigerator is well sealed and placed in an air-tight compartment, to protect it from atmospheric humidity. This refrigerating unit is mounted on the floor and its efficient cooling system consists of high quality condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, and related tubes. All these machines are built with the latest technology and best quality materials. The functioning of the compressor and other cooling components of this refrigerator are controlled by a digital temperature regulator. This electronic thermostat is used for maintaining a uniform temperature for the longevity of blood products, which should be set at the initial stage of using this refrigerator. An audio-visual alarm is attached with the thermostat so that the users are alerted immediately about any problem in the temperature control system. Thus, it is easier to keep an eye over the condition of stored materials due to this alarm system. This alarm also alerts if the refrigerator door remains open or in case of power failure. The refrigerator has an auto defrost system, for melting off the extra frost in the ice chambers. It prevents the excess accumulation of frosts in the freezer, for maintaining the durability of the appliance. The rectangular interior cavity is provided with many shelves and pullout drawers, where all the rare blood components are safely stored. The storage system is simplified by the presence of these trays with definite compartments to fit the blood bags. CO2 Incubator Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Normally, an incubator is used for the healthy growth of microbiological cultures. HMG India manufactures and supplies carbon dioxide incubators for conducting biological experiments in laboratories. These incubators keep the cells at an optimum temperature, relative humidity, and pH, for ensuring steady cellular growth over a required period. The concentration of carbon dioxide can be regulated inside this equipment, for adjusting the speed of cell growth.   HMG has manufactured CO2 Incubator with some beneficial qualities, for aiding scientists working on cellular biology. This equipment is very effective in conducting therapeutic treatments and research works on stem cells. Thus, many pharmaceutical companies also need to use this device for discovering new medicines. The performance of this incubator is responsible for the expansion of cultured cells. Thus, all the physical conditions should be changed when a new sample of cells is introduced inside this device.   Technical features of HMG CO2 Incubator HMG manufactures this type of incubator in three models; namely OR Autoflow, US Autoflow, and DH Autoflow, based on the structural specializations of these scientific devices This carbon dioxide incubator is provided with a microprocessor that helps in regulating the CO2 concentration within this equipment. Temperature, humidity and other factors are also controlled with this microprocessor. An LCD or LED display board is associated with the microprocessor of this incubator, on which the user can see the levels of temperature, CO2 concentration, and other necessary factors. The entire interior body of the incubator is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust formation. There are very few sharp edges or grooves where there may be a risk of the growth of germs that can hamper cellular growth. Normally, the range of carbon dioxide concentration varies to 20% and the accuracy of this CO2 gas is 0.1%. The temperature of the incubator is also regulated by providing a controlled amount of heat directly inside the equipment. Some models are provided with a water jacket covering the entire outer body of the incubator, for keeping the interior cool as per the required temperature. The interior cavity of this incubator has a number of shelves, on which the trays of cultured cells can be placed safely. The air flowing inside the incubator passes through a sterile filter and then uniformly distributed throughout the interior space. So the CO2 present in this air reaches evenly to all the plates containing cultured cells.   This carbon dioxide incubator is now widely supplied by HMG to many medical research centers, for tissue engineering, vitro fertilization process, and diagnostic studies. Fume Chamber Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 When handling hazardous volatile substances, radioactive materials, aerosols or dusts, protection should be the top priority, and thus these operations must be performed in a fume chamber. HMG India's highest rated Fume Chambers not only achieve the best results in every relevant test, but even deliver ergonomic benefits to the user that makes the work processes safe and easier.   Our line of fume chambers exemplifies the principles of aerodynamics and sound engineering at all the sash openings. It comes with durable stainless steel (SS) linear inner chamber with uniquely designed shelving system to accommodate large samples and maximize the fuming capacity even while using low level of Alpha & Beta particles. It also offers containment performance equivalent to a low velocity fume chamber for exceptional outcome. We provide different kinds of MOC, ranging from metal, wood and plastic to meet the specific application requirements of our clients.   What are the specifications? Double Skin Sandwich Construction Outer Metallic Prime GI / CRCA Coated with Epoxy Powder Exteriors Laminated with Wooden Marine Plywood & Seasoned Teakwood Frame 5mm Thick Dully Framed Safety Glass Operated by Steel String PVC/PP Table Top   How is the standard design? The outer body is constructed from a metallic prime GI/ CRCA with epoxy powder coated finish The interiors are made from brushed stainless steel (SS) of grade 316/ 316L/ 304, and lined with a cement sheet dully epoxy coating. The table work space is made from S. Steel / Laminate / Jet Black Granite / PP FRP / Alkali Resistant / PP GL surface to create a strong workspace. The models having under bench come with a provision of storing LPG cylinder, and have a middle shelf and shutter.   What are the optimal features? Microprocessor based control automates the fuming chamber for maximum performance without any disruptions. Temperature sensor to monitor the temp in the interiors and alarm when given limit value exceeds. Ceramic, stainless steel, PVC sink along with a water line operated via a Swan neck tap. Programmable sockets with electrical points of 5 / 15 Amp , along with remote control knobs for LPG / Water / Vacuum Lines (optional) Low noise centrifugal blower made from PPGL having FRP lining with balanced polypropylene impeller powered by Single Phase / Three Phase standard electric motors. Ducting of 3mm thick or 6mm thick PPGL lined that supports various fittings such as Reducers, Bend, Motor Guard, Canopy, Flanges and more   What are the optional accessories? Under Bench Storage Space Base Cabinetry Additional Electrical Outlets Laminar Flow Bench Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Laminar flow benches from the house of HMG India creates Class 100 particle-free, clean working environment as per US Federal Standard 209 E by passing air at a high speed through filters and then exhausting it across the surface in a uni-directional or laminar air stream. Our series of highly efficient laminar benches are capable of securing precious equipments and sensitive contents of the workplace from unwanted contamination. They are ideal for applications that demand a non-hazardous environment such as pharmaceutical production, bioscience, aerospace, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and medical research laboratories.   The precise air flow found in our laminar flow bench is facilitated by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter/ Pre filter. This filter eliminates particle sized as less as 5 microns, offering 95% efficiency with an average air velocity of 0.3m/s ~ 0.5m/s. Robust work surface of the bench, combined with ultra-smooth air flow leads to a preferable setting needed for laboratory inspection, procedures and associated testing.   What are the specifications? White Laminate/ S. Steel Exteriors for Premium Finish S. Steel / Wood Laminated / Full S. Steel Work Station No Dust Anti-Bacterial Powder Coating   How is the standard design? The outer surface material can be customized to meet the specific research requirements. Available options include stainless steel (SS) / white laminate. The interior wall panels are available in application-specific materials including stainless steel (SS), PVC and polycarbonate. The table top surface is made from stain finish stainless steel (optional) for a cleaner work environment.   What are the optimal features? Control system based on advanced microprocessor to monitor, regulate the temperature efficiently. Easy to use control panel equipped at the front side of the laminar flow bench with simple On/Off switch. Class 100 air cleanliness is achieved thanks to the highest quality 95% efficient HPEA / Pre filters coupled with anodized diffuser & baffling plates for uniform air speed across the workstation. Smooth, low wisher operations, having noise level as less as 60 to 65 dB Ambient illumination present in the side and back panels, providing users a clear view of the samples. Real-wall pass through ports designed for routing various instrument cables, leads and cords   What are the optional accessories? U.V Light, short wave - 254nm Electronic Switch Panel Satin Finish Stainless Steel Table Top & Working Top Magnetic Pressure Gauge having Calibration Certificate Front PVC Strip Curtain/ Acrylic Door Castor Wheels for Portability Gas Coke / Vacuum   Optional Electronic Switch Panel. Magnetic Pressure Gauge with calibration certificate (i/o manometer) UV light (short wave-254 nm) Front Acrylic door / PVC Strip Curtain. Satin finish S.S. working table top. Castor Wheel for easy Movability Vacuum / Gas coke. Satin finish S. Steel Table Top. Castors. Vertical Dehumidifier Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 HMG India features high-performing range of vertical dehumidifiers that eliminate unwanted moisture from air, so as to create conditions which is inhospitable to microbes, microorganisms and dusts. Our products have the highest moisture removal efficiency, making them suitable for industrial process, testing, research and more! These innovatively designed dehumidifiers are embedded with state-of-art digital control and diagnostic system for safe and seamless operations.   The essence of our dehumidifier lies in imported Humidistat Technology that senses whether the conditions within the specific area are optimal or not and then automatically carries away the excess moisture until the desired level of humidity is achieved. This technology supports continuous operation even when the device is left unattended. It comes with an average humidity range of 40% and above, with ambient of +/- 5% RH. The water tank of a standard vertical dehumidifier can accommodate 20 ~ 25 liters of water.   What are the specifications? Complete Stainless Steel (SS) Exteriors, Mirror Polished Thick Gauge Dully Argon Welded Inner Chamber Thick Lid with Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge & Additional Safety Valve   How is the standard design? The outer body of the dehumidifier is made from premium graded stainless steel (SS) The inner chamber is backed by thick gauge with dully welded argon for superior strength and support. The door holds a single piece molded silicone gasket for maximum protection against external conditions.   What are the optimal features? Smart humidistat control that senses humidity level and activates the device to maintain preset values. Digital temperature controller cum indicator with a safety ON and OFF 24 hour timer that displays temperature and humidity levels. Available in varied sizes of 1, 1.5 and 2 ton, equipped with water tank having different capacities. Silent and smooth operation guaranteed with noise level not exceeding 70 dBA within 1 meter radius. High performing refrigeration system free powered by advanced compressor free from Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Castor wheels to move the vertical dehumidifier from one place to another in a hassle-free manner Anti-spill tank stands that keep the water tank in a balanced position to avoid any sort of water spills.   What are the optional accessories? Water Level Device Pedal Foot Lifting High Pressure Sterilizer Pressure Switch with Mechanical Timer Viscometer Water Bath Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Viscosity is primarily used to denote the degree of fluidity of a particular fluid. Higher the rate at which a liquid flow, lower is the viscosity exhibited by it. The consistency of the liquids often helps to determine, quality, purity and quantity of a particular fluid. Different fluids exhibit different levels of viscosity. For example, water is a far less viscous liquid as compared to Mercury at room temperature.   Viscometer Water Bath by HMG India: One of the most prestigious companies of India, HMG, is offering viscosity bath. HMG is one of the largest producers of Viscometer Water Bath. Their product has found various applications across various industries. Oil, lubricants, petrochemical are few of the several industries that are using this product for their smooth functioning. These water baths are fully insulated and have a double-layered design to improve the insulation that they offer. This insulated setup reduces the operational cost drastically. While the inner layer of insulation is lined with high grade stainless steel, the outer layer is epoxy powder coated. Such coating helps prevent the setup from developing rust and resisting scratches.   Setup of a Viscometer Water Bath: Viscometer has double walls with an inner chamber and an outer chamber. There is insulation in between layers to prevent the loss of heat. The inner chamber is made up of stainless steel The outer chamber is coated with G.I. Powder. This coating is known to protect the apparatus from external scratches and rust. Uniform temperature is maintained with the help of stirrer or by using circulatory pumps. Special grade immersion heater is used to maintain a uniform supply of heat. Glass window is yet another important aspect. The reinforced glass facilitates viewing. There are 3 distinct capacities that are offered by HMG India- 6/9/12 as per the requirement of the customer.   Technical Characteristics: Filled with refrigerants and not CFC, that is known to be harmful to the environment. Thermal loss is minimal due to the presence of insulator in the middle of layers. Thermal isolation is effectively achieved as well. There are monitors present that make the job of tracking and keeping temperature readings, easy for the user. There is a microprocessor that controls temperature. Visual alarm system is yet another effective feature that helps notify the user on attainment of the highest or the lowest temperatures set. They offer a temperature range from 0 to 100 degree celcius. Fluoroscope UV Inspection Cabinet Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 HMG India has been expanding its legacy through the manufacture of reliable and quality laboratory equipments which are not only ground breaking in the field of science and technology but also the pricing is also quite economical in nature. HMG India and company holds several years of industrial experience along with a vast ocean of knowledge in the domain of science and technology allowing them to design unique and innovative equipments.   The designing of the UV Inspection Cabinet (Fluroscope) is an idiosyncratic innovation which is quite popular in the market. The highly trained professionals of HMG India and company make sure to cater to the needs of the present scenario and design the equipments accordingly. Not only are the designs of the UV Cabinets, ingenious in nature but they are designed according to the demand of the consumers. The professionals at HMG India are trained professionals who create equipments in a manner that will suit the present needs of the industry.   The assembling of the cabinets happen in a manner which results in top notch products. The raw materials used during the fabrication of the UV Inspection Cabinet is of the highest grade, making it one of the best choices to go forward with in the field of technology and science.   Features And Specifications Of UV Inspection Cabinets The lighting condition of the laboratory allows it for fluorescence analysis. The combination of both short and long wave lamps help in providing three different means of identification and location of the components. There are convenient and simple controls which allow you to use it efficiently. An individual cabinet is present which helps in chromatographic analysis with the aid of UV fluorescence. The chromatogram cabinet which is designed by the professionals of HMG India allows for the combination of both short wave and long wave UV along with the white light in the table top unit which is quite compact. The design of the unit is made in a way that helps in marking and viewing of the chromatographs quite easy.   Understanding The Standard Design Size: 15 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches H It has a powder coating of mild steel The design of the UV cabinet has a view piece which is provided. The short wave consists of 254 nm, the long wave consists of 365 nm There are separate functioning buttons for each of the lights. Digital Moisture Meter Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Moisture refers to the water present in the air and other compounds. It is usually in gaseous state and hence cannot be easily perceived by the humans. Moisture, in industrial context can have both positive and negative impact. Moisture can be found and needs close attention in most of industries. From construction industries measuring the water content in the concrete to the moisture content in the waste that is to be disposed, moisture control is all pervasive. A minor imbalance in these levels can have dire outcomes. Hence, it is very important to keep the moisture levels favourable. Moisture content in any industrial process is highly regulated in order to avoid undesirable circumstances.   Effective regulation of presence of moisture is only achieved by continuous monitoring. HMG India presents the first of its kind Digital Moisture Meter (Dew Point).Versatile in nature, these instruments can be used to monitor moisture during various processes, whether industrial or otherwise. The range of moisture measured by our instrument varies from user to user. We have devices to measure extremely high moisture content and extremely low moisture content, as per the requirement of our customers. The moisture readings once recorded are stored in the device or on an external memory card in order to refer to them if required in the future. These Machines maybe handheld or may be fixed at some position to measure moisture. There are also machines that require no physical touch to me4asure moisture, while there are others that have a pin at the end to measure the moisture.   Features of Dew Point: Dew Point or Digital Moisture Meter presented by HMG India are known to return high quality and authentic readings. They have the essential features of a moisture meter and exhibit superior longevity when compared to other moisture meters present in the market, offered by other manufacturers. Some of the features worth noting are: DISPLAY: Digital 0C.D.P. / PPM is one of the most sophisticated screens offered by any digital moisture meter available in the market. SENSOR: The sensor used by HMG India is made out of aluminium and is like a needle. These are used in machines that need physical contact to measure moisture. Power: The machine uses- 230V. AC, 115V, A.C. /or 6V, 1.5 A.H. battery with charger. RANGE OFFERED: Ranges offered by HMG India are- a) -80°C - 20°C CD.P. (0.5-1000 PPM) b) -80°C - 0°C CD.P. (0.5-6000PPM) c) -50°C + 20°CD.P. (40-23000PPM) Humidity Oven Wed, 16 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The groundbreaking innovations and technologies of HMG India has become one of the reasons why our company is serving more customers than ever before. The consistency along with the reliable amount of solutions when it comes to the lab equipments and machineries has made HMG India a legacy in the field of science and technology. The rapid advancement of the manufacturing capabilities of our company has made us a significant contributor in the Indian market.   The professionals who work at HMG India have also made their mark globally through their unique innovations. One of the significant products that is made by our company is the humidity oven/environmental chamber that is not only reliable in nature but also very accurate in its dimensions. The team of professionals at HMG India is highly trained in using the modern tools and equipments which lets us make the best products for our customers. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our products and you can definitely expect them to be top notch every single time.   The high amount of accuracy followed by our team of professionals lets us deliver the products in the dedicated time frame. The satisfaction of our customers is one of the most important things we look forward to while delivering our products. It is important that we cater to the needs of our valued customers by providing them with products at reasonable prices.   Specifications Of Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber The built of the humidity oven conforms to the international standards and is therefore very much suitable under any kind of environmental condition and calibration. The construction of the humidity chamber includes double walls with an inner viewing glass that is full length. The inner part of the chamber consists of S.S.304/316* grade whereas the outer part of the chamber has a steel finish to it.   Our humidity chamber is sealed with an ISI marked compressor. We also have an air cooling condensation unit that is fitted with electrical accessories along with fan blade, motor, et cetera. The humidity of the machine is created with the aid of steam injection into the chamber.   Know About The Optimal Features Complete steel units Strip chart recorders for wet and dry bulbs High amount of temperatures up to a range of 700C, other range of temperatures available on request. PID controller with the Printer interface based off of micro controller. Laboratory Chamber Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Clean Room Doors Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Clean Room Doors Blood Bank Equipment Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Blood Bank Equipment Clean Room Panel Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Wholesale as well as retail consignments of the goods can be undertaken by us with ease. In addition, we promise to make as per schedule delivery. We are hailing from Chandigarh(India) and make sure to reach buyer's specific destination within the promised time frame. Environmental Test Chamber Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Environmental Test Chamber Powder Dispensing Booth Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 For mixing, weighing & dispensing of powder. The reverse flow scavenging pre-filter at the work level ensures that aerosolysed particles are picked up at the source without allowing to disperse into the area. High Temperature Oven Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Equipment developed as a result of intensive R & D and confirming to International Standards, suitable for most of environmental conditions, calibration, validation & Humidity Control Oven for above ambient conditions. Low Temperature Bath Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Digital proportional controller Micro controller for precision control of Temperature within + 0.10C. Oil bath with higher temperature upto 3000C also available. Electrical Stirrer Circulatory pump for uniformity of temp. within bath. Booster heater provided Uv Inspection Cabinet Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Uv Inspection Cabinet is Fabricated from CRCA Powder Coated Acrylic. it is Available with Day Light, Short Wave (254 mm) & Long Wave (365mm) light source. A Special imported filter provided for model with short wave length light source for safety. Commercial Lab Refrigerator Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Equipment designed for Research Laboratories Inner Chamber of S. Steel Outer GI Powder Coat finish or S. Steel Extremely efficient Insulation; sufficiently thick to minimize heat loss. Chest type unit available in Horizontal Vertical Version. Inner Acrylic door to avoid temperature loss. Round Vacuum Oven Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 this is Scientifically designed to provide excellent vacuum & temp. performance. it has High reliability & low leakage rate. features Rotary Incubator Shaker Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Rotary incubator shaker is Scientifically designed for mixing, diffusion, VDRL test & development of cultures. Laboratory Oven Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Laboratory Oven Humidity Chamber Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Laboratory Furniture Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Laboratory Furniture Gmp Vacuum Oven Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530   hmg vacuum oven -round / rectangular   to dry samples quickly under vacuum or standard atmospheric conditions.   thick s. Steel (s.s. 316)- thick inner chamber & outer prime s. Steel (ss 304) gr  with vacuum gauge/ vacuum cock.  leak proof door provided with toughened glass window with toughened glass & silicon gasket. (supplied without vacuum pump; can offer suitable vacuum pump separately) 2 nos. S.s. Partition trays provided.   power                                 220/230 v, ac, 50 hz, mains max. Vacuum up to –760 mm of hg (30” hg) vacuum loss – 50 -75 mm/day Hydro Flouric Acid Hmg Fume Chamber Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0530 hmg laboratory fume chamber / hood:   model:                  3 /4 /5/ 6 feet standard fume hood with base cabinet or without base cabinet.   construction (interior) chemical & heat resistant, fire retardant, smooth finish, easily cleanable panels made out ofdurable ‘phenolic resin laminate’ integral work walls. optional offered other linings viz: fibre glass etc, ask for prices. baffle arrangement interstitial 3-point suction system (for light, normal & heavy fumes) with baffle to ensure smooth and immediate exhaust of fumes. It is factory tuned for optimal airflow characteristics.